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Napi Browne: Two more sides

by on Nov.17, 2014, under Music

These two tracks were again recorded in different locations and at different times.

Dennis Demorro, Nick Bagnasco, Paul Rosano and Dan Gulino backstage at the Oxford Ale House, New Haven, CT, circa 1977-78.

Spell On You was recorded in 1980 at Paul Leka Studios in Bridgeport, Connecticut with Vic Steffens on drums along with the original band members, Nick Bagnasco, lead guitar and lead vocals, Paul Rosano, bass and lead vocals, and Dan Gulino, lead guitar and background vocals.

Blame It On You was recorded in 1978 at Bearsville Studios in Woodstock, New York, with Dennis Demorro on drums.

A little on each track:

Spell On You was written by Dan and me. Dan came up with the initial musical idea, chord changes for the verse and chorus. I wrote most of the melody and lyrics (with a nod to William Blake in the second verse), although it wasn’t so clearly defined as we both contributed to the music and lyrics at various stages of writing it. Nick and Vic made big contributions to the arrangement of the tune.

I came up with the idea for the bridge and it’s one of my favorites to play. I recall that I asked the engineer Ron Bacchiocchi  if I could record the bass part during the main tracking from inside the control booth since it was always almost impossible to hear myself in the studio with the other guys. I was going direct so I didn’t believe it would be a problem. He eventually relented and it worked out great.

We pumped the bass inside the control booth during the basic tracking, I could hear myself extremely well and I didn’t lose any feel from not being in the same room with the other guys. They could see me and I them through the glass. It was particularly effective during that bridge.

This one was written in Fair Haven, as Street Talkin’ Ways was. Dan and I lived next door to each other and we worked on it in his music room and my living room for about a week.

The track definitely has a West Coast vibe to it. I sing lead, Nick and Dan harmony. Dan takes the scorching solo.

Blame It On You is Nick’s song. He wrote all the music and lyrics, came with it to us and we all worked on the arrangement. Dan takes a dynamic slide solo on the track and Nick plays an infectious funky rhythm that starts on the second verse as well as the lead lines in the intro. Nick sang it and Dan and I sang harmony.

Both tracks were live staples and a lot of fun to play.

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